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5 Household Products That Neutralize Odors

Posted on October 7, 2022

Carpet cleaning in Los Angeles fixes a lot of issues around the house. Without proper care and maintenance, stains and dust build-up start to become a major problem. We Steam provides the best carpet cleaning in Los Angeles so you don’t have to live in a messy home. But when you need a quick solution to tackle bad odors, there are a few options. 

Carpet cleaning in Los Angeles is always going to offer the strongest defense against powerful odors. However, there are several household products that can act as placeholders and mask different scents in the short term. These five items produce simple, cost-effective methods to deodorize your home before hiring professional carpet cleaning in Los Angeles. 

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is linked to many homemade cleaning treatments because of its ability to absorb odors. The powdery substance binds with the nastiest of smells and covers them up temporarily. Such versatility and function are valuable. Baking soda should be kept in everyone’s house just in case a situation calls for it! 

Carpet stains are often the source of bad smells. Food and drinks are the common culprits and have the potential to cause permanent damage to your carpet. The best course of action would be to treat stains with baking soda first to get rid of the odor, then call We Steam carpet cleaning in Los Angeles to perform our stain removal process.  

2. Air Fresheners

Although air fresheners won’t do anything to clean carpets, their strong aroma can overpower unpleasant odors. There are several forms of air fresheners sold by large companies and grocery store brands. Some can be plugged into outlets and work around the clock while others come in the form of aerosol sprays.

3. Candles

People have been using candles for thousands of years. Back then, it was mostly utilized as a source of light, but eventually, it became useful for generating delightful scents. Not to mention, smoke blankets bad smells too with its distinct properties. The fastest way to start deodorizing a room immediately is by taking a few seconds to light a candle.

If you decide to choose this option, just remember to be mindful and aware of how long your candles burn. Your home could be a fire hazard with too many candles burning at once for long periods. Carpet cleaning in Los Angeles is advantageous because no flames are involved and it attacks odors directly.

4. Cleaning Sprays

Cleaning sprays are a little different than other items on the list because they can go straight to the source. As long as you’re using a non-toxic, natural cleaning spray, you can apply the solution to any carpeted area. It certainly won’t dig deep enough beneath the carpet fibers like We Steam carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, but it can disguise the stench briefly.

5. Essential Oils 

Last on our list of household odor neutralizers are essential oils. These are the same oils put in soaps, topical treatments, and diffuser machines. Essential oils have been known to not only mask the scent but provide a sense of calmness also. And just like cleaning sprays, essential oils can be dropped directly on carpet stains.

In fact, taking a few drops of essential oils and mixing it with baking soda is an effective deodorant for your carpets. It can’t compare head-to-head with carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, but you might be surprised how well it works! 

All the items chosen for this list of home odor neutralizers are meant to be used as short-term solutions before calling We Steam for professional carpet cleaning.

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