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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

Posted on November 4, 2022

Office buildings and commercial properties need carpet cleaning services in Los Angeles to stay professional. You can’t have employees, customers, or business associates working amongst the filth. Dusty carpets are problematic and it’s your obligation as a We Steam to hire the best carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, which is undoubtedly We Steam.

Nobody can match our skill level and years of experience. Commercial carpet cleaning in Los Angeles is something we’ve mastered as a valuable service to the community. Calling We Steam is all it takes! We’ll have a crew of Los Angeles carpet cleaning technicians at your building as quickly as possible. 

Carpet maintenance in between appointments with We Steam can be equally as important. There’s always something you can do to improve the health of your carpets. Professional carpet cleaning in Los Angeles will guarantee the freshest outcome, but in the meantime, here are three ways your expert cleaner can maintain carpets in a commercial environment.

1. Vacuum

Pulling out the vacuum every once in a while does wonders for your carpets. The concept is pretty straightforward, the more often you vacuum, the cleaner your office will look. Dust and debris get trapped inside the fibers of your carpet over time. We Steam carpet cleaning in Los Angeles extracts every bit of dirt, but vacuuming on occasion acts as a good placeholder. 

2. Clean Spills

Every carpet spill should be cleaned immediately after it happens. Even if you have to use just soap and water, doing something can help save your carpets. The last thing you want is permanently damaged carpets that all your clients and business partners will see. Before We Steam arrives, don’t be afraid to do some of your own carpet cleaning in Los Angeles.

Homemade spot treatments could potentially save your carpets from irreversible destruction. By simply adding salt and vinegar to a warm bucket of soap and water, you can enhance the cleaning power and tackle carpet stains. Not to the level of We Steam’s carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, but enough to mask a stain temporarily.

3. Replace Air Filters

An overlooked element of commercial buildings always seems to be air quality. Because we can’t physically see air molecules, tainted oxygen doesn’t feel like an immediate threat. Replacing the air filters around your office will help everyone breathe easier and prevent dust collection. 

4. Hire Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning 

We’ve been alluding to it this whole time and that’s because it’s true – carpet cleaning in Los Angeles is executed best by our crew at We Steam. Commercial buildings and large facilities are prime areas for dirt and dust to fester, ruining carpets at a faster rate than most places. You can stay ahead of issues in the future by trusting us with all your carpet cleaning in Los Angeles.

Contact We Steam today to check our available appointments and schedule carpet cleaning in Los Angeles fast! We’re a customer-oriented company that will never sacrifice speed for quality, but we’ve mastered both through our years of experience. Commercial and retail spaces are prime for our Los Angeles carpet cleaning services and we can’t wait to help your business!

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