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How To Clean Granite Tiles

Posted on December 2, 2022

Most people would like to keep their granite tiles beautiful for as long as possible. That means they must stay on top of regular maintenance and properly clean up spills and stains.

If you want your Los Angeles home’s granite tiles to continue to be at the top of their game, here’s what you need to do to keep them clean.

What You Need To Do Weekly

Vacuum or dry mop

Vacuum or dry mop your Los Angeles home’s granite tile weekly to keep dust and debris off the surface. Dust will always accumulate, so you must stay on top of it.

Some recommend you even do this daily to really get rid of all the dust. Dusting and vacuuming once a day will make your tile last as long as possible, so consider it if you’re worried about longevity.

What You Need To Do After A Spill

Wipe down

Get warm, distilled water and a clean cloth, and wipe stains out of your granite tile. Never use abrasive cleaning instruments or harsh cleaners on granite, as it can degrade fast. You only need something soft to scoop up the stains before they have time to set. Try to use distilled water to reduce the harmful mineral content.

Use a bit of soap

If wiping down isn’t enough, you can try to apply some mild soaps to the granite. Dish soap should be enough. Mix about a tablespoon with two cups of warm, distilled water. You can add a little more if that doesn’t seem like enough. Once again, you’re unlikely to cause any damage to the granite tile with something as mild as dish soap.

Use baking soda

If things are not coming out, you can mix baking soda with water until it becomes a paste. Apply this paste over the stain and let it sit for several hours, preferably overnight. The baking soda should lift it out of the tile, and then you can wipe it off and vacuum it up.

Use rubbing alcohol

Finally, if you need an intense deep-cleaning method to clean your tile, mix 1 part rubbing alcohol with 1 part water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and lightly spritz it over the granite surface. Be careful not to use too much.

What You Need To Do Annually

Reseal your tile

If your Los Angeles home’s tile isn’t sealed, you should take care of this before doing any kind of cleaning. Even small amounts of distilled water can harm unsealed tiles. Essentially, it’s not only more prone to stains, but it’s also less prone to cleaning.

If your tile is unsealed, you won’t be able to get any of your stains out. And if you seal them after they form, you may never get them out. Essentially, get this done as soon as possible.

Get a professional cleaning done

Call a professional Los Angeles tile cleaner to clean your tiles once a year. They’ll probably need to be resealed after the cleaning, so it’s a good thing to get done before sealing.
Deep cleaning can get stains out that regular cleaning will never reach. That means microscopic microbes hiding in your tile will be removed without you needing to do anything. You should get your tiles cleaned by your local Los Angeles professionals every year.

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